Hilliard Public Arts Commission

Hilliard’s Public Arts Commission is responsible for the thoughtful placement of art throughout the city. The commission’s goal is to promote the value of public art and enrich the lives of the city’s residents and visitors.


  • Kelley Daniel, Chairman
  • Genenia Bellner, Vice-Chairman
  • Anna McCoy, Secretary
  • Rebecca (Becky) Rehbeck
  • Mari-jean Siehl
  • William (Bill) Uttley, Mayor’s Representative
  • Nathan Painter, City Council Representative

The Public Arts Commission meets on the first Monday of each month at 5 p.m. in the Mayor’s Conference Room. Contact Us with questions or for more information.

Call For Artists: Old Hilliard Mural

The Hilliard Public Arts Commission is seeking artists to submit public art proposals.

Proposal deadline: July 31, 2019

Style of Art: Mural.

Location: 5344 Center Street, Hilliard, Ohio. (Located on the west wall of Otie’s Tavern and Grill.)

Dimensions: 15 -by-35 feet.

Subject matter: Should scenically portray the character of the Old Hilliard area, perhaps including historical elements.

Budget: $10,000

Questions: Artists with questions may email Arts Commission Chair Kelley Daniels.

Wall location for proposed public art mural

  • Clear and legible drawings with description, showing location of the artwork which is the subject of the permit and all other existing artwork (when such artworks are on the same premises);
  • Drawings showing the dimensions and materials of the public art proposed;
  • Color rendering of the public art;
  • Lighting plan
  • Plans of electrical and mechanical elements;
  • Statement of 200 words or less, describing the content of the public art and how it will enhance the quality
    of life in Hilliard;
  • Installation schedule;
  • Maintenance plan and schedule, including estimated costs for ongoing care;
  • Budget, which includes materials and wages.

If submitting an application that includes a mural, the following items must also be included with this

  • six slides/digital images highlighting artist’s original work that best illustrates ability as a muralist;
  • seven copies of one color image of the proposed mural;
  • History of the sponsoring organization (if applicable) including brief narrative, date established and
    community served;
  • Letter of support from adjacent property owners, both residential and businesses;
  • Details showing that:
    • The materials of the mural ensure longevity and durability;
    • Paint will be applied on a surface and structure that is stable and ready (or will be stable
      and ready) for painting;
    • Acceptable graffiti/UV coating on the finished mural will provide resistance to vandalism
      and weather;
    • The mural is accessible to the public; and
    • A plan has been developed for the continued maintenance and repair of the mural.

Approval by the Public Arts Commission will be granted for the specific design contained in the submitted application.

Any proposed changes must be submitted to the Public Arts Commission for prior review and approval.

This approval is revocable by the Commission if it is determined at any time that the public art being installed does not comply with the submitted application.

Artists submitting proposals must complete the Call for Artists form.


Call for Artists: Wall Art for Hilliard Market Place

The Hilliard Public Arts Commission (HPAC) will purchase one piece of wall art to display on an inside wall of the new Center Street Market in Old Hilliard.

Artists wishing to submit a piece of wall art suitable for this purpose should send one to three photos of their original work. The work should be ready to hang on a wall. The HPAC will pay up to $300 for the work.

To be considered, please submit photos of the piece of art to kdaniel@hilliardohio.gov by Aug. 15, 2019. Questions may be addressed to the same email address.

General HPAC Forms

Artists submitting proposals to produce a mural must complete the Mural Application.

Once a mural application concept is approved, artists must  apply for and receive a permit from the City of Hilliard.