Hilliard Public Arts Commission

Call for Artists

The Hilliard Public Arts Commission is seeking artist proposals for a new 3-dimensional public art project to be prominently displayed in Old Hilliard.

People in the downtown area

We will accept proposals of any ground-level 3D sculpture, mechanical or solitary, to be displayed in or around Hilliard Station Park on Center Street. The art should promote one or more of the following themes: Natural history, Hilliard’s character, Sustainability, Agriculture, or Wildlife.

Interactive art with a light-hearted family-approach is strongly preferred.

The winning proposal will be decided by the Hilliard Public Arts Commission and evaluated based on technical merit, experience and depiction of the theme, then sent to City Council for Approval. Experience in installation of sculpture or 3D art strongly preferred.

Please submit portfolio of past work along with any concepts or renderings before the deadline of June 8. Click here for more details and the application form.

Submit your application and other requested materials.


The Council of the City of Hilliard appoints a Public Arts Commission to advise and make recommendations to the City Manager and City Council. The Public Arts Commission is charged by Council with creating a public art plan for Council to adopt and to advise the Council about mechanisms for implementation of a public art program to enrich the visual and aesthetic environment of primarily public spaces within the City of Hilliard.

The Public Arts Commission reviews and recommends public art projects and makes recommendations to the City Manager and City Council regarding the appropriation, funding, selection, acquisition, maintenance and placement of Public Art.

Hilliard’s Public Arts Commission is responsible for the thoughtful placement of art throughout the community. The commission’s goal is to promote the value of public art and enrich the lives of Hilliard’s residents and visitors.


  • Omar Tarazi, City Council Representative
  • Kelley Daniel, Chair
  • Jon Parker-Jones
  • Rebecca (Becky) Rehbeck, Secretary
  • Michael Kent 
  • Heidi Denick
  • Bill Uttley
  • Ed Merritt-Council Designee


The Public Arts Commission meets at 5 p.m. on the first Monday of each month at the Municipal Building, 3800 Municipal Way. Contact the commission with questions or for more information.

Hilliard's Public Art Program

In 2020, Hilliard Public Arts Commission hired Curtis Goldstein to create its first public art project. This 50-foot-wide mural, located on Center Street, features a train, which pays homage to Hilliard’s history as a railroad stop in the mid-1800s. Other components, such as the sunflowers and grain silos, are symbols of Hilliard’s agricultural roots.

Goldstein is an arts and design professional who explores human experience from multiple angles—as biological creature, as builder and inventor, as history and memory maker, as collaborator and cohabiter. He has a history of working in the fine art industry, skilled in collage, contemporary art, printmaking, art education, and painting. Goldstein graduated from the University of Cincinnati with a Master of Fine Arts degree and from The Ohio State University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree.

Goldstein said, “A strong component of my artwork involves raising awareness of history, the environment, and building a stronger sense of community through the arts. Throughout Ohio and beyond, I have had the pleasure and honor to be welcomed by neighborhoods and villages to create public artworks. I strongly believe that a successful community project requires listening to people, of a community, inspiring and education young people, and providing pleasure and thoughtful contemplation to all.”

Train mural on the side of Ottie's Tavern

The Hilliard Civic and Cultural Arts Center, 5425 Center Street, was selected as the site of a community mural, “Coloring The Path To Our Future,” created by artist Mandi Caskey, Hilliard City Schools teacher Amanda Schaeffer, and Schaeffer’s Art and Ecology students. The mural came about through an Ohio Arts Council grant to engage students in art beyond their classroom. The artwork was unveiled on May 3, 2020.

The Hilliard Arts Council provided funding for the wood base, paint, and brushes for the work. Community involvement also includes Sherwin Williams, which gave a deep discount for paint and supplies.

Video of dedication | HAC Website

A mural on the side of a building of a girl with colors and doodles around her.

Columbus-based artist Jeremy Jarvis put the finishing touches on his mural on December 30, 2021. Residents can see it on display on the side of the Hilliard Civic and Cultural Arts Center (HCCAC), near the Heritage Rail Trailhead in Old Hilliard. In September 2021, Jarvis was selected by the Hilliard Public Arts Commission (HPAC) to create an original mural on the south wall of the HCCAC, located at 5425 Center Street.

The theme is “gratitude” and depicts three individuals on a stage with hands of audience members clapping around an ornate border. Jarvis said the mural took over 300 hours to complete over a three-month period.

“Gratitude” was designed to evoke a feeling of appreciation for the arts and the connection between the artist and the community, as well as a strong sentiment of gratitude, because without the community as the audience art has no place to grow and flourish.

The mural design depicts three artists who have just completed a performance in a theater setting. They share a look of satisfaction, joy and gratitude as they realize they have perfectly executed their art in exactly the way they had hoped, dreamed and rehearsed. They radiate with a glowing sense of accomplishment and feel a strong connection to the audience.

They are shown expressing these feelings through their eyes and hand gestures. The woman on the left is hand-signing the words “thank you.” The girl in the center is holding a bouquet of flowers that she has been given for her exceptional performance. The man on the right holds
his hands over his heart to communicate his strong feelings of thankfulness to the audience.

The members of the audience are shown through their hands near the bottom of the design. Their appreciation is illustrated through their thunderous applause and the showering of flowers and rose pedals. The audience symbolizes the community and all people who open
themselves up to appreciate and invest in the arts.

Jarvis is an artist from Westerville, Ohio. He grew up in Michigan. He attended The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, then attended the Columbus College of Art and Design, where he attained his BFA in Fine Art. Jarvis now creates art nationwide through his company Jarvis Art
Studio, based in Columbus. To see more about Jeremy and his artwork, go to jarvisartstudio.com.

mural on side of building

Thanks to the latest Hilliard Public Arts Commission public arts project, eight of the normally drab metal streetside traffic boxes have been covered in artworks featuring sunflowers. The artworks consist of vinyl graphics designed to cover the boxes, which contain wiring and equipment that control traffic signals.

The boxes are along Main Street and Cemetery Road.

The eight finalists each brought a distinct style to the artwork, but each kept the required sunflower theme in mind in their designs.

Artists selected were Maureen Clark of Columbus; Amber Apel of Hilliard; Mimi Ferrari-Ninde of Hilliard; Samuel Dixon of Silver Springs, Maryland; Juan Daza of Hilliard; Jennifer Geiger of Kingsport, Tennessee; Erin Birum of Columbus; and Abeer Abo-Shihata of Hilliard.

These mobile murals at the Clyde “Butch” Seidle Community Pool were created by Hilliard Middle and High School students.

The art, created in partnership with teachers and students at Hilliard City Schools, changes each summer.

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