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Visit Old Hilliard

Visit Old Hilliard

Old Hilliard is the core of our community and it marks the starting point of the seven-mile Heritage Rail Trail. Transformed from an old train station and recently revitalized, Old Hilliard brings the community together through shopping, dining, and a constant flow of unique events.

Originally located between Piqua and Indiana Railroad station, Old Hilliard was called Hilliard’s Station and served as an ideal shipping point for agricultural products. The founding train station has been restored and is a part of the Historical Village located in Weaver Park.

What To See In Old Hilliard

Old Hilliard is home to two parks: First Responders Memorial Park and Hilliard’s Station Park.

First Responders Park pays tribute to first responders who defended, protected and displayed acts of heroism during the tragic events of 9/11. One of the largest in the country, this memorial features granite walls inscribed with the names of those who lost their lives, a reflecting pool, personalized pavers and a metal sculpture. The park serves as a gathering place for somber reflection during an annual memorial service hosted by the city on the anniversaries of 9/11.

Hilliard’s Station Park is located at the beginning of the seven-mile Heritage Trail, Hilliard’s Station Park marks the location of an old railroad station and Hilliard’s original town square. The park boasts distinctive architectural qualities that reflect its rich history in the community. With splash fountains, outdoor café tables, an amphitheater and public restrooms, Hilliard’s Station Park is the perfect location for community events. Check out the events calendar for upcoming activities in Old Hilliard.

The Early Television Museum is a hidden gem in Old Hilliard. Located next to Hilliard’s Station Park, the Early Television Museum is a museum whose’s dedicated to the preservation of technology for early television. With some of the first televisions created, the museum offers visitors a unique look at the history of television and how it’s changes and evolved. Visit the museum today.

Hilliard Ohio Historical Village is located at the edge of Old Hilliard. With the original train that ran in Hilliard, the Historical Village takes visitors back in time to a simpler era and provides a glimpse at the roots of our humble city. With a church, school, cabin, and train, there’s a lot to explore and see. You can learn more at the historical society.

What To Eat In Old Hilliard

Old Hilliard is home to many local restaurants that offer a new and delicious experience for citizens. From small cafes and bars to taverns and cuban cuisine, there’s plenty to try in Old Hilliard. And don’t forget to grab a sweet treat afterwards!

  • Local Cantina
  • Twin’s Cafe Hookah Lounge
  • Otie’s Tavern & Grill
  • Abner’s Diner
  • Old Bag of Nails Pub
  • Coffee Connection
  • Sports on Tap
  • Starliner Diner
  • Whit’s Ice Cream
  • Benito’s Bar & Grill
  • DiCarlo’s Pizza
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