Hilliard’s Electric Aggregation Program

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Electric Aggregation Basics

  • On Nov. 8, 2022, Hilliard voters authorized the City to create a green-energy electric aggregation program.
  • Such a program would allow the City to leverage the power of aggregation to negotiate a favorable bulk rate for sustainably sourced electricity on behalf of residents, businesses, and other organizations.
  • This eco-friendly program would source electricity generated in sustainable methods, such as solar and wind.
  • At this time, the City has not yet developed a request for proposals to allow potential suppliers to bid to be Hilliard’s aggregated electric energy supplier. Given the current uncertainties of the electricity marketplace, it is likely the City will wait until energy markets stabilize before asking energy providers to offer proposals.
  • Electric customers can choose to opt out of the program at any time.
  • Have a question about this ballot initiative or sustainable electric aggregation? Ask us today!

About Sustainable Aggregation

On Nov. 8, 2022, Hilliard voters approved a ballot initiative allowing the City the authority to establish a community-wide electric aggregation program. This will allow the City to negotiate a bulk rate for electricity from sustainable sources for Hilliard residents, businesses, and other consumers of electricity.

There are two main goals for such aggregation:

  • Promoting the use and creation of electricity produced by clean, sustainable sources; and
  • Getting the lowest-possible bulk rate the City can negotiate for sustainably sourced electricity for residential, business, and other electric consumers.

It’s Always Your Choice!

The passage of this ballot issue doesn’t remove your choice. It just authorizes the City to negotiate a bulk rate for sustainably sourced electricity that you can either choose to accept or opt out of participating in! You will still keep your right to choose your own provider! In fact, you can opt out at any time on the Public Utility Commission of Ohio’s website.


The passage of this ballot initiative does not mean the City will immediately – or necessarily ever – act on this voter-granted authority. The City will only establish the aggregation program if and when it can negotiate a favorable electric rate for sustainably sourced electricity.

Should the City take that step, the requests for proposals and resulting proposals will be readily available to the public (and will be presented in a public meeting for comments and questions.) All information will be communicated to the public through our website, social media, and e-newsletter.

Electric customers also would receive information in their homes about the proposed rates (along with complete information about how to opt out.)

A Sustainable Choice

A major benefit of this aggregation program is that all electricity will be required to come from sustainable sources, such as solar and wind generation.

If there is not enough sustainably sourced electricity geographically available to supply all participating Hilliard consumers, the program will buy renewable energy credits for sustainable energy generated elsewhere in the country. Regardless of your choice, you will continue to receive the same level of service on the same power lines that you do today.

Why insist on green energy? Because it aligns with the City of Hilliard’s overall efforts to protect our environment, save natural resources, promote healthy lifestyles, and ensure future generations will enjoy calling this community a great place to live, learn, play, and work!

Is Participation Guaranteed to Save Money?

Electric prices constantly fluctuate, and the economics of green energy production are different than coal and natural gas-based production. So, there is no guarantee how Hilliard’s negotiated bulk rate for sustainable electricity will perform over time compared to the price individual customers will pay on the open market. By leveraging the power of aggregation in negotiating prices, we would be seeking the most competitive rate possible for this sustainably sourced electricity.

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