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Hilliard Comprehensive Plan


In 2021, the City of Hilliard launched a process called Hilliard by Design to create a major update to the city’s 2011 Comprehensive Plan. The process led to a bold vision, a series of big ideas, goals, and actions that are based on the values, needs, and aspirations of the community. This plan sets the direction for the city’s growth and development and serves as a guide for decision-makers and the community for future development and many aspects of our city’s quality of life. 


The Plan

Idea 1

1 – Focus Growth Inward

Emphasize development and redevelopment of underutilized land and structures within the city rather than extending infrastructure and developing further west. Expansion of the city limits should be strategic and are limited to areas currently within the existing water and sewer service boundary agreement with Columbus.

Idea 2

2 – Create more mixed-use, walkable places

Build upon the success and distinct character of Old Hilliard by encouraging development with an integrated mix of uses (commercial, residential, civic, public, employment) at various scales and intensities throughout the city.

Idea 3

3 – Become a trail town

Expand the city’s regional trail network and support unique development and public spaces along trails. Extend the Heritage Trail to Hilliard’s southern boundary and work with partners to make connections to the Quarry Trails metro Park and downtown Columbus. Create other regional destinations through the Central Ohio Greenway Network.

Idea 4

4 – Expand Opportunities for walking and biking

Provide more opportunities for the community to walk and bike through the city by filling in gaps in the trail network. Address improved connectivity across I-270, between neighborhoods, schools, parks, mixed-use destinations, and to the regional trail network. 

5 – Reimagine Cemetery Road

Revitalize the city’s primary gateway corridor through streetscape improvements and redevelopment with a walkable mix of uses, architecture that frames the street, green space and public art. 

6 – Encourage mixed-use development around premium office sites.

Allow for and encourage infill commercial and residential development on or adjacent to the sites of older corporate office buildings to create new walkable mixed-use places that surround the existing structures, to make these sites more viable as employment locations in the future, and to serve as neighborhood gathering places.

7 – Conserve a greenbelt

As part of focusing growth inward, acquire and preserve land on the city’s western edge to create a greenbelt and future linear park connected by trails. Connect the greenbelt to neighborhoods and regional parks (as described in Ideas 3 and 4).


8 – Expand housing options

Encourage a wider range of housing types and price-points to support a growing and changing population including new housing types or neighborhood types that are distinctive to Hilliard.

The Process: Who Was Involved

City Council

Les Carrier
Tina Cottone
Peggy Hale
Pete Marsh
Omar Tarazi
Andy Teater
Cynthia Vermillion

Planning Commission

Peggy Hale, City Council Rep.
Jay Muether, Chair
Bevan Schneck, Vice-Chair
Chris Lewie
Tracey Nixon
Tom Pannett
William Uttley
Eric Gutknecht

Steering Committee

Libby Gierach, Co-chair
Joel Assenheimer, Co-chair
Mark A. DiGiovanna
Dan Ewald
Jill Gerschutz
Thomas Jacoby
David L. Johnson
Angie Kirk
Paul Lambert
Brittani Leopold
Jessica Lippoli
Justin Malenky
Joe Martin
Nancy Miller
William C. Mills III
Jon Parker-Jones
David Parsley
Kimberly Poma
Deryck Richardson
Tim Roberts
Melisa Salamony
Sagal Snyder
Jayme Staley
Marshall Troxell
Rachel Voshell
Patrick Wathen
Sharon White


Michelle Crandall, City Manager

Dan Ralley, Assistant City Manager, Community Development

John Talentino, Director of Planning

Carson Combs, Planning Manager

Letty Schamp, Director of Mobility and Transportation

Ed C. Merritt III, Director, Recreation and Parks

Erin L. Duffee, Deputy Director, Recreation and Parks

Clark Rausch, City Engineer

Diane Werbrich, Clerk of Council


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Burgess & Niple
Toole Design
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