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Discrimination Form

The City has established a uniform process for receiving and managing non-discrimination complaints (see the City’s Non-Discrimination page for details). This process provides a structure in which complaints can be most efficiently handled. It serves the purpose of ensuring that the City, its employees, and elected officials are properly complying with Hilliard Code Section 525.19.

Complainants should complete the discrimination complaint form. If the complainant is unable to fill out the form online, paper forms are available at City Hall, 3800 Municipal Way, or by calling the Clerk of Council at (614) 334-2365. When received by a City employee or official, the form shall be provided to the Clerk of Council.

Discrimination Complaint

Complainant Name(Required)
Location of Alleged Disciminatory Act
Complainant Is Alleging Discrimination Occurred On The Basis Of(Required)
Please provide a description of the act. Is it housing, employment, public accommodation, or something else?
Respondent Name
(The individual, employer or organization that allegedly engaged in discriminatory action.)
Any Names of Witnesses of Alleged Discriminatory Act
Has This Complaint Been Filed with Any Other Agency?
Max. file size: 50 MB.

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