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The Hilliard Development Corporation (HDC) is the Community Improvement Corporation (CIC) of the City of Hilliard. As the designated economic development agency of the City of Hilliard, it has the authority to apply for and administer grants, purchase and sell real property and create programs for small business. The HDC is a non-profit corporation subject to Ohio Sunshine laws and public records.

HDC Board of Directors includes:

Board President – Mark Tremayne

Board Vice President (City Appointment) – Michelle Crandall, City Manager

Board Secretary – David Meadows

Board Treasurer (City Appointment) Greg Tantari, Deputy Finance Director

Board member (City Appointment) – Andy Teater, Council Member

Board member – Matt Van Fleet

Board member – Aristotle Hutras

Board member – Joy Gallo

HDC Programs

The Old Hilliard Façade Improvement Program is designed to stimulate private investment in high-quality building improvements that create and enhance community image and character in Old Hilliard. The program will share the costs of improving commercial building exteriors and publicly used amenities, thereby promoting joint public/private action and investment, which will complement and enhance Old Hilliard. The Hilliard Development Corporation (HDC) will provide matching grants to property owners or tenants of commercial buildings.

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The HDC Innovation Grant Program is designed to grow research and development (R&D) investment and high-wage job creation within the City of Hilliard. Grant funding must be used for the acquisition of equipment associated with the development, demonstration and/or commercialization of emerging technologies.

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The Hilliard Restaurant Recovery Program supports restaurants, bars, coffee shops and other food service businesses that were negatively impacted by COVID-19. Funding is available from the City of Hilliard’s American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 allocation, also called the COVID-19 Stimulus Package or American Rescue Plan, Pub L. No. 117 (“ARPA”). In collaboration with the Hilliard Development Corporation, this program provides a grant of up to $10,000 for full-service restaurants and $5,000 for other food or beverage service businesses.

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Helping Hilliard Grow

HDC Strategic Plan

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