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Public Records

Public Records

The City of Hilliard is built on the foundation of open, transparent government. We welcome and encourage participation by and engagement with our citizens. We believe openness in government leads to a better-informed public and better public policy.

Citizens are entitled to access government records that are created or received by the City and that document the organization, functions, policies, operations, or other activities of the City.

The City organizes and maintains records in such a manner that they can be made available for inspection and copying in accordance with Ohio law and the City’s records retention policies and procedures.

How To Make a Public Records Request

No specific language is required to make a public records request; however, the requester must identify the records requested with sufficient clarity to allow the City to identify, retrieve, and review them. If it is not clear what records are being sought, the records custodian shall contact the requester for clarification and should assist the requester in revising the request by informing them of the manner in which the City maintains and accesses its records.

Requesters need not put a request in writing or provide their identity or the intended use of the requested records. The City may ask for a written request, the requester’s identity, and/or the intended use of the information requested if: (1) it would benefit the requester by enhancing the City’s ability to identify, locate, or deliver the requested public records; and (2) the requester is informed that a written request is not required.

Requests for records may be made by email to and by contacting the Clerk of Council during regular business hours at:

Clerk of Council

(614) 334-2365

3800 Municipal Way

Hilliard, Ohio 43026

Requests for police records may be made by email to:

Response to Request

Inspection of public records must be made available promptly, and copies of public records must be made within a reasonable period of time. “Prompt” and “reasonable” take into account the volume of records requested, where the records are stored, and time for any legal review and/or redaction.

It is the goal of the City to acknowledge, in writing, all public records requests. Such acknowledgement may include:

  • A request for clarification (if necessary);
  • An estimated number of business days it will take to satisfy the request; and
  • An estimated cost (if copies are requested.)

Records prepared for inspection may be viewed during regular business hours (8 a.m. – 5 p.m. weekdays). The City will provide copies of public records on paper, on the medium on which they are kept, or on any other medium the City determines it reasonably can duplicate the records as an integral part of normal operations.

If portions of a record are public and portions are exempt, the exempt portions will be redacted and the rest released.

When making public records available for public inspection or copying, the City shall notify the requester of any redaction or make the redaction plainly visible. Denial of all or any part of any public record requested shall include an explanation for the denial, including legal authority. If the initial public records request was in writing, the explanation will also be in writing.

Costs for Public Records

  • For in-house copies of public records on 8.5 x 11 inch, 8.5 x 14 inch, or 11 x 17 inch one-sided paper, the copy cost is five cents (5¢) per page.
  • In-house reproduction of a workable number of large maps (in black ink only) is two dollars ($2.00) per page.
  • There is no charge for emailed records.
  • Any other forms of media will be provided at actual cost.
  • We may require the requester to pay the estimated copy costs before copies are made. There is no charge for in-house copy requests that result in a cost less than $20.
  • If records are mailed, we may charge the requester, in advance, postage costs and the cost of mailing.

Important Documents

Public Records Request Form

Public Records Request Policy

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