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Styrofoam Recycling

The City of Hilliard collects Styrofoam for recycling at a drop-off building in the Operations Department parking lot, just left of the Municipal Building parking lot (3770 Municipal Way). The shed is open 24/7 and there is no charge to drop off Styrofoam.


Styrofoam is a commonly used product because of its insulating and rigid properties. However, Styrofoam is not an accepted recyclable material in Franklin County, and it degrades very slowly in the landfill, taking hundreds of years to decompose.


That’s why some community leaders came together to launch Hilliard’s Styrofoam recycling program that’s capable of shrinking a stack of Styrofoam the size of an SUV down to the size of a concrete block.


With the help of a grant funded by the Solid Waste Authority of Central Ohio (SWACO), members of Hilliard’s Environmental Sustainability Commission (ESC) have partnered with the City’s Operations Division to purchase Central Ohio’s first Styrofoam densifier.


The new machine allows residents of Hilliard and nearby communities to recycle extruded polystyrene – the rigid Styrofoam found largely in electronics and appliance packaging – to help divert waste from landfills.


Please follow these rules when dropping off styrofoam recycling:
  1. Styrofoam must be clean. Remove all stickers and tape.
  2. Food containers and styrofoam peanuts are not accepted.


Styrofoam is placed in the densifier and compacted into large polystyrene bricks. The process reduces the volume of the foam to 1/50th of its original volume, allowing it to be used for things like insulation and picture frames.

The drop-off building is open 24/7.

The 24/7 styrofoam drop-off building is in the Operations Department parking lot. As you pull into the main entrance to the Hilliard Municipal Building (3770 Municipal Way), make a left. The shed is next to the composting station. Look for the sign.

Anyone! The City encourages residents and non-residents to recycle styrofoam.

Food containers, plates, cups, egg cartons, and peanuts are not accepted. All styrofoam must be free of stickers and other items.

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