Safety Town

Safety Town is a one-week course that focuses on teaching children safe practices both at school and at home. The curriculum includes bicycle safety, pedestrian safety, school bus safety, fire safety, seat belt safety, gun safety, 9-1-1, and stranger danger.

The program utilizes a realistic, child-sized town designed to provide a complete hands-on safety education for children. Miniature buildings, cross walks and traffic provided by the children on tricycles help to give the children the experience they need before they take their final walk on a real street with real traffic and signals escorted by police officers.

Safety Town is presented by the Hilliard Recreation and Parks Department, with assistance from the Hilliard Division of Police, Norwich Township Fire Department, and Hilliard City Schools District. The program has been in existence for more than 25 years.

Safety Town is open to children entering kindergarten in the fall. Check back for more information in the spring.

Monday Children are welcomed into Safety Town and receive their bicycle helmets, which they use the entire week and can keep. Students also learn about poison safety from Spike’s Poison Prevention Adventure, and Hilliard police present an energetic activity about personal safety called “Retro Bill.”
Tuesday Children wear red and focus on fire safety. Norwich Township firefighters lead tours of emergency vehicles, and children learn to crawl through a safety house as they practice “Stop, Drop and Roll!” The entire building conduct a fire drill.
Wednesday Children wear blue as they learn about the jobs of Hilliard police officers, including tours of a police cruiser, opportunities to try on police equipment and uniforms and a demonstration of a police motorcycle. Children meet one of the agency’s K9s and discuss bicycle safety with a member of the agency’s bike patrol.
Thursday Children learn about personal safety and the class takes their skills to the streets with a Safety Walk, escorted by police officers. They are also introduced to “Eddie Eagle,” who teaches children what to do if they find a gun, and learn about natural gas with “Digger the Dog.
Friday On the final day of Safety Town, children learn about bus safety with “Buster” as well as water safety. Additionally, the other classes go on a Safety Walk. The week is culminated with a graduation ceremony attended by local dignitaries.