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Hilliard’s Finance Department pays the City’s bills, issues debt, collects income tax through the Regional Income Tax Agency (RITA) and prepares the operating budget, capital improvements budget, and Annual Comprehensive Financial Report. The Finance Director is the City’s fiscal officer, overseeing the department and serving as a financial advisor on municipal affairs for Hilliard’s City Council and City Manager.

Since 2019, the City of Hilliard has annually earned a Moody’s Investors Service Aaa+ bond rating, the highest rating Moody’s provides. Moody’s also reports that it projects a stable outlook for the City’s financial future. As of 2019, only 15 other municipalities in Ohio had a Aaa+ rating.

Income Taxes

Hilliard has a mandatory tax filing. All Hilliard residents age 18 and older must file an income tax return every year by April 15 (or by the following Monday if April 15 is a weekend day), regardless of whether they work within this city.

Hilliard residents must pay the City a 2.5% municipal income tax unless they are taxed by the taxing district in which they work. Residents who are taxed by another jurisdiction receive full credit for that amount from the City of Hilliard, up to the entire 2.5%.

The Income Tax Division of the City’s Finance Department oversees the collection and provides information to residents to ensure they can file income taxes correctly.

Residents file income taxes electronically through the Regional Income Tax Agency (RITA), which processes City income tax returns and collects due taxes.

For more tax information, contact us online or call (614) 876-7361 ext. 778.


The City of Hilliard believes in financial transparency. You can find detailed information about where the City receives its funds and how we invest them back into our community at the links below, which include our annual financial reports, capital improvement plans and budgets, operating budgets, and other links.

You can also access information about Hilliard’s finances at ClearGov.

Popular Annual Financial Reports (PAFR)

Annual Comprehensive Financial Reports (ACFR)

2024-2028 CIP

Capital Improvement Plan (CIP)

2021 CIP (1 of 2)

2021 CIP (2 of 2)

Operating Budgets

2024 Annual Budget

2023 Annual Budget

2022 Annual Budget

2021 Annual Budget

2020 Annual Budget

Financial Quarterly Review

2023 4th Quarter

2023 3rd Quarter

2023 2nd Quarter

2023 1st Quarter

2022 Year End Review

2022 3rd Quarter

2022 2nd Quarter

2022 1st Quarter

2021 Year End Review

2021 3rd Quarter

2021 2nd Quarter

2021 1st Quarter

2020 Year End Review

2020 3rd Quarter

2020 2nd Quarter

2020 1st Quarter

Additional Links

Additional Resources

Hotel-Motel Tax Ordinance

Hotel-Motel Tax Form

Hotel-Motel Tax Certificate of Exemption Form

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