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Sanitary Backflow Program

Sanitary Backflow Program

City Program Helps Residents Pay For Backflow Preventers

The City of Hilliard has a program to help some homeowners prevent sanitary sewer wastewater from backing up into their homes during periods of heavy rain.

The sanitary sewer backflow preventer program is for homeowners who have experienced repeated basement flooding events due to sanitary sewer backups caused by rain events. This program will help fund the cost of installing a backflow preventer in the basement floor or on the sanitary lateral.

If you believe the water has entered your home through the floor drain, your first step is to contact the City’s Operations Department as quickly as possible at (614) 334-2367 to ensure the City’s main line is inspected.

To be considered for the program, homeowners must start by filling out a form explaining the nature of the flooding and some details about their property. The property must be inspected to ensure it meets program eligibility requirements. After installation of a backflow preventer, the homeowner must perform recommended maintenance as discussed with the contractor at the time of installation.

Note: This program is not for wet basements caused by water coming in through foundations or from other sources. Such water typically is caused by faulty sump pumps or issues with existing downspouts/drainage.

About Sewers And Backflow Preventers

There are two types of sewer systems. The first is a storm sewer system, which is designed to move rain and melting snow to the river. The second is a sanitary sewer system, which transports wastewater from houses and businesses to the wastewater treatment plant.

Unless a home has a septic system, it has a drain that takes wastewater to the sanitary sewer system. Homeowners generally don’t think too much about this system unless a failure occurs and wastewater enters the home through the basement floor drain.

Backups can occur for multiple reasons, including tree roots damaging the drain lines or flushing inappropriate materials. Problems also can arise due to blockages in the main sewer line or a system overload during periods of heavy rain.

The best prevention for homes in areas subject to this kind of backup is to install a backflow prevention device, which allows wastewater to travel out of the house but prevents wastewater from travelling back into the house. This works thanks to a flap that acts as a one-way door.

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