Public Bids

2020 Current Bids

A list of projects currently out for public bid by the City of Hilliard is provided below.  Bid documents are provided for informational purposes only.  All prospective bidders are required to register with Key Blue Prints to submit a bid on a project.  Failure to register with Key Blue Prints will result in rejection of a bid.  Bid documents may be obtained from Key Blue Prints in person at 195 East Livingston Ave, Columbus, Ohio 43215; via email at; or online here.

There are no current bids right now.

2020 Bids Pending Award

There are no pending bids right now.

2020 Awarded Bids

  • Mowing, Landscaping, and Maintenance Program

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  • CIP LB-17 Center Street Parking Lot

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2020 Unawarded Bids

There are no unawarded bids right now.