Public Bids

2019 Current Bids

A list of projects currently out for public bid by the City of Hilliard is provided below.  Bid documents are provided for informational purposes only.  All prospective bidders are required to register with Key Blue Prints to submit a bid on a project.  Failure to register with Key Blue Prints will result in rejection of a bid.  Bid documents may be obtained from Key Blue Prints in person at 195 East Livingston Ave, Columbus, Ohio 43215; via email at; or online here.

Fiber Optic Network

Bid Closing, July 30, 2019

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this network planning RFP require specifying equipment or hardware type?

The City is not asking for equipment specifications in this RFP. The City will provide those in the next build RFP.

Do we need to call out equipment and technology for each of the fiber termination and drop location?

No. We will provide that in the next RFP. We are only looking to verify routes, determine viability of existing conduits, and get specific GIS-level detail to our proposed routes to enable a more robust build RFP based on the information obtained from this.

What sort of proposal are you seeking for the proposed cost of vendors’ designs?

At this time, the City is only asking for an estimated cost of the design, based on the vendor’s previous experience. We are not yet seeking an actual bid.

Do you want us to provide an estimated construction cost as part of the RFP submittal?

We are not seeking construction costs at this time. Responses to this RFP should reflect both driving the routes and verifying that the underground conduit is clear and viable for fiber install for the build.

As part of “Section 1: General Information. Criteria for Selection,” Cost Proposal states: “Vendors must provide a cost-effective solution for the City, including design.”  Does this mean that the vendor should submit a design as part of the RFP response? Or just cost for the design?

The response should include a design

Does the City anticipate a certain percentage of aerial vs. underground? 


Does the City own any of the utility poles? 


If a vendor offers both design/engineering and construction services, can the vendor bid on construction services if the same vendor is providing the design services?


Important Documents

  • Engineering Fiber Network 2019 RFP - 4844-8968-0792.1 PDF
  • Exhibit 1 fiber Map PDF
  • Exhibit 2 Conduit_Duct Bank Exhibit PDF
  • Exhibit 3 Cemetery-Lacon-fiber PDF

2019 Bids Pending Award

  • Grener Sports Complex – Sanitary Sewer & Water Line (CIP LB-24)

    Pending Bid

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2019 Awarded Bids

  • Franklin St Improvements ( CIP T-138 )

    Notice of Commencement

    View PDF
  • Main Street Tier 1 Roundabout Modifications (CIP T-142)

    Notice of Commencement

    View PDF
  • Cemetery Rd/Lacon Rd Signal and Cemetery Rd Fiber Improvements (CIP T-124/IT-11)

    Notice of Commencement

    View PDF
  • Pool Concessions

    Concessions Contract

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  • Grener Sports Complex

    Miracle Field

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  • 2019 Street Maintenance and Rehabilitation Program/SMRP (CIP T-121)

    Notice of Commencement

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2019 Unawarded Bids

There are currently no unawarded bids.

  • Grener Sports Complex - Miracle Field (CIP LB-24)

    Capital Project Summary of Bids

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