Business Permitting

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Hilliard City staff are readily available to assist with any permitting questions. We strongly encourage you to contact staff before purchasing or leasing space or commencing any improvements. Permit applications are available online.

  1. Go to the new OpenGov software system to fill out the necessary paperwork online
  2. Scroll down to “Start a Project” and click “Get Started” on the “Commercial Construction Project” tab. You will then be prompted to complete a brief questionnaire to determine which applications you will need to complete.
  3. Upon finishing the questionnaire, a to-do list of items you must complete will be provided.
  4. You can then begin to complete the applications necessary for your project.
Lot that's been flattened for construction

Zoning and Land Use

Businesses should consider allowable uses of their property by searching Hilliard’s land use map located here. Enable the zoning district layer of the map to determine your property’s zoning district. Allowable uses within Hilliard’s Business Districts are located here.

Costs to Consider

Key Individuals to Contact:

If you have any inquiries about certain applications, please contact the corresponding city employee:

Portrait of Parson

Building Standards Division

Rhonda Parson – Division of Building Standards, Administrative Assistant
(614) 334-2557

Portrait of John Talentino

Planning Division

John Talentino – AICP, City Planner, Director of Planning Division
(614) 334-2444

Portrait of Clark Raush

Engineering Division

Clark Rausch – PE, City Engineer, Director of Engineering Division

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