Sports are a great outreach to the community! It encourages family and friends to come together to socialize around a fun and positive environment. Whether it is an introductory preschool class, or a recreational youth/adult league, our focus is to offer a variety of sports for all ages no matter the skill level or ability.

Adult Volleyball

Become a part of our most popular adult sports leagues in Hilliard. Offering four volleyball leagues each season with games held at the Community Center. These leagues range in various competitive and skill levels and will fit your need.

Important Documents

Volleyball Rules

Full team payment shall be due at time of registration. Fees must be paid as one lump sum, rather than by individuals. Fees can be processed online or at the front desk.

Unless otherwise noted, USA rules will be used. All rules are subject to review and revision by Hilliard Recreation & Parks Department Staff.

  • Matches will consist of 5 games.
  • Serving area is the entire back line. No Re-serves are allowed.
  • One time-out per game of 30 seconds is allowed. No additional time outs are allowed. Injury time-outs are at the discretion of the referee and are expected to be handled in the best interest of player safety and common sense.
  • When in play, the referee will call for a re-serve and unplayable if the ball hits any part of the backboard including rim or poles. All walls, balconies or curtains are also out of play. If the balls trajectory would lead it be unplayable (headed towards the back wall or balcony) it is unplayable.
  • Replays are allowed at the referee’s discretion.
  • Completed rosters must be turned in by date indicated for each league. A maximum of 10 players are listed.
  • Co-Rec teams may play with a combination that does not exceed one more male than female (ex. 3 men and 2 women)
  • All players must check in at the front desk before their first and second game with a validation of photo ID.
    • Players will not be subject to check in after they have played in two games.
    • Capitan’s are required to be responsible for their team and their subs.
  • To qualify for the playoff roster, a player must
    • Have played in two games for the team during the season

Note: If a player subs two times for a team, and you plan to have them for the playoffs, you must let the league supervisor know that they have qualified for playoffs. If a sub is on a different playoff roster, they must first compete for that team.

  • Rosters may be changed up until week eight of the season. However, once a player has played in a game they are locked to this roster. If a locked player moves from the area or is injured for the rest of the season special circumstances may arise and are dealt with on a case by case basis. Another exception sits within the sub rule, if a player subs two times at any point of the season, they will be added to the playoff eligible section of the roster.
  • A release must be signed once during each calendar year. All new players must sign a release.
  • A player must be a minimum of 18 years of age to compete in the adult leagues.
  • A player may be listed on only one roster per league. In Co-rec leagues a player may be listed on only one roster between the two divisions.
  • One substitute is permitted in the playoffs in emergency circumstances (1 male and female in Co-Ed). In emergency is defined as an illness or injury to a roster player.
  • The league supervisor keeps a list of free agents who are available to sub or join teams permanently.

A substitute is hereby defined as a player who is on another team in the league’s roster.

  • A team shall consist of at least 3 roster players and not more than 2 subs during a regular season match. Players who are not on any roster can play with a team and not effect these numbers. During the playoffs or tournament only one sub may be used, rostered or non-rostered.
  • Team substitutions during play must be made at the serving position only. Team additions may be made at any position. Substitutions may be made player for player or substitutions may be made with a complete rotation of all players during a game.
  • Any player may sub on any team in the division. A player in the B division can sub for an A team but an A player cannot sub into the B division.
  • Substitutes may not be used for a match if a team has a full complement of roster players present.

Sportsmanship will be handled by the referee as follows:

  • A warning is given through the captain about the player in question
  • A yellow card with point or a side out will be awarded
  • A red card with the player having 5 minutes to leave the building. Anyone ejected will serve an automatic one game suspension for the next scheduled match and possibly longer.
  • All games will be expected to start at the posted scheduled time. The official will give a verbal warning to teams if they are not on the court and game ready. After 5 minutes, the official will place the ball down, and begin to reward a point to the opposing team for every minute the team is not on the court and ready to play.
    • After 15 minutes (15 points) has been given. An automatic forfeit for the first set will be given and the clock will reset.
  • All games will be played to 21, win by 2 with a cap of 25 using rally scoring. Recreation and Parks department can modify limits based on time constraint.
    • Tournament Games will be best of 3 games with no cap.
  • League standings will be kept based on total wins and losses of the sets played. Ties will be decided by which team won the most sets during the regular season meeting between the teams involved. If there is still a tie, the total points scored during the matches between those two teams will be the deciding factor. If there is still a tie, a coin toss will be conducted as the final tie-breaker.

In the event the center is closed due to inclement weather or other circumstances, all games will be made up.

There is limited room for spectators in the gym. All children under the age of 12 years of age must be in direct supervision of a non-playing adult.

  • No black marking soles will be permitted on the gym floor.
  • No jewelry will be permitted during play. The only exception will be plain bands. Any jewelry unable to be removed must be covered with tape or a band-aid.
  • No hats or visors.
  • No bare feet.

At the end of the regular season. The option will be given to the 1st place CoRec B team to play a game (best of 5) against the last place CoRec A team for a opportunity to move up to CoRec A. This challenge game will be played at the conclusion of the playoffs. If the CoRec B teams, chooses not to challenge the CoRec A team, all teams will continue to play in their designated league. However, if the CoRec A teams, chooses to not play in the challenge game, an automatic forfeit will be assumed and a switch will be made.

Regular season winners will receive a shirt and have their photo hung on a plaque commemorating their achievements whereas tournament champs will get a Hilliard shirt. Post season play will be determined by league supervisor.

The acting league supervisor and the City of Hilliard Recreation and Parks department reserve the right to change or manage any rules and situations that arise.

Adult Softball

Co-Rec softball leagues are offered to facilitate and coordinate fun, competitive softball games throughout the spring, summer, and fall seasons at Roger A. Reynolds Municipal Park ball fields.

Spring/Summer Session

Check back for more information on the 2020 Spring/Summer session.


Local organizations and partners are a continued branch and an asset of the department’s mission and vision. These partners offer a variety of programs and leagues with an emphasis to those residents within the district.

Please email Recreation Supervisor Darcy Baxter for more information or call (614) 334-2584