Transportation & Mobility Division

The Transportation and Mobility Division is responsible for transportation planning, traffic engineering, traffic safety, administration of capital transportation projects and programs, and transportation asset management programs. The Division provides services such as:

  • development and implementation of traffic, mobility, and safety studies and plans
  • management of capital transportation projects, such as intersection improvements, new streets, and roundabouts, from design through construction
  • engineering oversight of traffic control devices including traffic signals, traffic signs, pavement markings, pedestrian crosswalk beacons, and school zone flashing lights
  • administration of annual transportation asset management programs in the public right-of-way or easements, including the street maintenance & rehabilitation program, the sidewalk maintenance & repair program, and ADA compliance
  • administration of the City’s Neighborhood Traffic Calming program

The Transportation and Mobility Division provides support to the Planning Division and Engineering Division for transportation components of private development projects.

The Division establishes and maintains engineering standards, best practices, and guidelines for streets, sidewalks, shared-use paths, trails, curb ramps, and traffic control devices in public right-of-way and easements.


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