Transportation is part of the Division of Engineering within the Department of Public Service.  Dedicated to improvement of existing thoroughfares and planning to meet the needs of the future, Transportation spearheads planning, design, and construction of transportation projects throughout the City pertaining to roadways, roundabouts, and trails.

The Guidelines for the Preparation of Transportation Impact Studies is a reference document describing the City of Hilliard requirements and tools to analyze the impact of development proposals at City intersections and within its corridors.  The City of Hilliard updated its Thoroughfare Plan and Access Management Guidelines in 2011 as part of its Comprehensive Plan.  These planning documents provide the framework for future street and trail needs in the City of Hilliard.

Projects Roundabouts

Plans & Studies

  • Hilliard Traffic Impact Study Guidelines

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  • 5-Year Capital Improvement Plan

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  • Hilliard Thoroughfare Plan and Access Management Guidelines

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Engineering Division

Letty Schamp, Deputy City Engineer