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Vacation House Check

Vacation House Check

Planning to leave town for a few days? Fill out a vacation house check form to request that officers keep an eye on your home.

To check if your home is within Hilliard Division of Police’s jurisdiction, check this map. House checks can also be filled out in-person at the police station located at 5171 Northwest Parkway, Hilliard, Ohio.

If you need to file a report online, you can do so on our reporting page. You can also make a Traffic Enforcement Request.

Contact Us

Hilliard Division of Police
5171 Northwest Parkway
Hilliard, Ohio 43026

  • Emergency Call: 9-1-1
  • 24/7 Non-Emergency: (614) 876-7321
  • Police Department Office: (614) 334-2140
  • Community Relations: (614) 334-2575
  • Fax: (614) 876-1507
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