Senior Citizen Hall of Fame


Honored for a lifetime of service, personal achievement and a positive image of aging, one or two senior citizens are inducted to the Hilliard Senior Citizen Hall of Fame biannually. Nominees may be living or deceased and should exemplify how senior citizens contribute to their communities and respond creatively to retirement.

Nomination forms are available online, at the Senior Center, the Hilliard Community Center and the Hilliard Municipal Building. Applications are due by the end of June. This year’s induction ceremony will be held at 5:30 p.m. on Wednesday, September 27.

Nominate a Senior Today


Nominees must be

  • 55 or older and may be an individual or couple. Submit one nomination giving information on both individuals.
  • Must currently live within the boundaries of the Hilliard City School District AND must have lived within the district for at least the past five years.
    Exception 1 If the nominee has lived in Hilliard school district for five or more years before nomination but is currently living in an assisted living or extended care facility, or other facility outside Hilliard school district for reasons of health or income, the person is eligible for nomination.
    Exception 2 If the nominee has been a long-term resident of the community (20 or more years) and had to relocate after making a significant impact in the community during residency.
    Exception 3 If you feel your candidate does not fit into one of these categories, please reach out to us.
  • The nominee cannot currently hold an elected public office.
  • Candidates may be nominated posthumously.


  • Nominations may be made by an individual or organization.
  • Nominations are considered for a five-year period and may be resubmitted for consideration on the sixth year without a waiting period.
  • Inductees are chosen for their lifetime of service and achievements as well as how they represent a positive image of aging. Selection is NOT based on the number of nominations received.
  • Recognize nominee for their unpaid efforts (not a job).
  • Please be as detailed as possible. Your information is the basis for the selection.
  • Please encourage others who know your candidate to send in additional information.


Senior Hall of Fame Nomiation

Nominations must be sent no later than June 1 of the current year.

  • Describe how the nominee presents a positive image of aging.
  • Describe your nominee’s service to the community, volunteerism, and/or special achievements for which the nominee should be recognized. Include the benefit or impact they had/have. “Why does this individual (or couple) deserve recognition?
  • Why do you feel your nominee should be inducted into the Hilliard Senior Citizen Hall of Fame? For example: volunteering, church activities, community service, caregiving for family or friends, leadership in organizations (committees or offices held), role model (describe how those positively influenced), awards or honors, special achievements. Please give dates or lengths of time involved.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

Past Recipients

  • 2022: Marilyn Patton
  • 2022: John Shary (posthumously)
  • 2021: Donna Olenhouse
  • 2021: Martin & Garnet Bocner (posthumously)
  • 2018: Barb and Wally Cash
  • 2018: Fern Stumpf (posthumously)
  • 2017: Tim Woodruff
  • 2017: Bob Dixon (posthumously)
  • 2016: Otie Blankenship
  • 2016: Ken Brenneman (posthumously)
  • 2016: Bryan Davis (honorary)
  • 2015: AC & Theresa Montgomery
  • 2014: Perry Reall (posthumously)
  • 2014: Nancy Moore
  • 2013: Esther Marsh (posthumously)
  • 2013: John & Nancy Bryner
  • 2012: Helen King
  • 2012: Jack Headlee (posthumously)
  • 2011: John & Beverly Crumley
  • 2011: Frank Miller (posthumously)
  • 2010: Jerry Baum
  • 2010: Harold Butt (posthumously)
  • 2009: Will & Phyllis Ernst
  • 2009: Paul Rider (posthumously)
  • 2008: Harry Q. Smith
  • 2007: Thelma Kesler
  • 2006: Paul Burkitt
  • 2005: Norm McElheny
  • 2004: Vera Humes
  • 2003: Steve Erdy (posthumously)
  • 2003: Joan VanSchoyck
  • 2002: Thelma Allemang
  • 2001: Chester Ball (posthumously)
  • 2001: Jim & Marge Dougherty
  • 2000: John Kesler (posthumously)
  • 2000: Bill & Pat Schnug
  • 1999: George & Iva Tillman
  • 1998: William Carl (posthumously)
  • 1998: Kelly Conklin
  • 1997: Ray Bradley (posthumously)
  • 1997: Wayne Brown
  • 1996: Mary Fuller
  • 1995: Ruth Marie Miller
  • 1994: Esther Winterringer Sifrit (posthumously)
  • 1994: Dr. Leon Boucher
  • 1993: Robert H. Morris
  • 1992: William Edwin “Ed” Fox (posthumously)
  • 1992: Mary Miller
  • 1991: Bob Kinney
  • 1990: Al Gehres
  • 1989: Addie McCann
  • 1988: Virgil Bishop
  • 1987: Estella Matthews