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The City of Hilliard provides tree services to residents, community parks, planners, utilities, businesses and citizen organizations that manage urban forestry resources.

Citizens receive a wide range of benefits from trees and urban forests, including recreational opportunities, energy conservation, protection from sun and heat, improved stormwater management, enhanced animal and plant biodiversity, increased property values, and more.

Hilliard’s forestry team strives to increase the amount of tree canopy coverage and restrict or regulate the removal of trees, especially large or significant trees.

The City of Hilliard is proud of its forestry services and has completed all of the steps to become a Tree City USA.


A City tree is property of the City of Hilliard. City trees are located in the right-of-way, between the street and the sidewalk. Trees located in City parks and other City-owned properties are also the City’s responsibility.

Residents are encouraged to properly mulch their street trees when mulching the rest of their property. An even 1-2” layer of mulch is best. Residents can also remove any sucker-branches that form at the base of the tree. We ask the residents to submit a 311 request for larger pruning needs, and the City will prune it for them.

Yes. After Christmas, residents can place used trees on the curb with their trash and recycling bins to be picked up by Local Waste.

Yard waste like grass clippings, leaves, twigs, branches, shrubbery and other garden materials can be collected on Tuesdays through Hilliard’s waste collection services. Place the yard waste in a container marked “yard waste” or inside of a paper yard waste bag. Each container, bag or bundle must weigh less than 50 pounds and be free of rocks, dirt and plastic bags.

The City will collect branches and limbs to be chipped during the months of April through October. Residents should place their tree limbs and shrub clippings at the curb by 7 a.m. on the scheduled day of service. Trimmings must be at least 4 feet long. Piles should not include vines, thorns, roots, grass of any kind, or foreign materials such as metal, lumber, nails, wire, string, rope, or staples. When a tree service or landscape company is hired to cut down trees or clear areas, they are solely responsible for that removal.

Residents can contact the City about sidewalk lifting once the panel is lifted over ½”. If caught early, we can make sidewalk repairs (shaving) before more significant repairs and possible tree removal will be necessary. Submit a Hilliard 311 service request here.

The bags around the base of the tree stumps are watering bags with micro-perforations that slowly release water to hydrate the tree or shrub. Residents are encouraged to add water to the bags to improve the health of their tree.

Forestry Team

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