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Forms and Applications

Public Appearance Request

Want an officer to appear at your school, church or community event? Interested in touring the police station? Fill out a Public Appearance Request form and e-mail it to

Public Appearance Request

Special Duty Request

Police officers are available to provide security, law enforcement, traffic control, and other services at events or locations via a Special Detail Agreement.

You must fill out the contract and submit it at for approval. There is a three-hour minimum, per officer, per event. For more information contact us at (614) 334-2479 or

HPD Special Duty Agreement

Bicycle Registration

Guard your bicycle against theft by registering it with the Division of Police. Fill out this form and bring it in to the police station with proof of purchase (a receipt or a manual) and the bicycle’s serial number. In return, the Division will provide a sticker to place on the bicycle. If your bicycle is ever lost or stolen and brought to the police station, we’ll be able to return it.

Bicycle Registration

You can find any additional forms not listed above on OpenGov.

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