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Building Standards Division

Building Standards Division

You can now file for building permits online through the OpenGov Portal.

The Building Standards Division is dedicated to ensuring public safety through the adoption of both state and local construction codes and standards. Within the parameters of those codes, the Building Standards Division issues permits to construct, approves plans, and provides on-site inspections.

APPLICATIONS: An application is not a permit. As a reminder, no construction or alteration may begin until a permit is issued. Minor interior demolition and discovery is permitted in advance of permit approval. 

BUILDING PLAN REVIEWS AND PERMITS: Plans shall be submitted for review before construction starts on any new building, addition or alteration. Once plans are approved permits can be issued.

ENGINEERING REVIEW: When a new building or addition requires a new sewer or waterline, a sewer/water lateral replacement/repair permit is required. A permit is required for a new driveway, approach or sidewalk. Any expansion or replacement of an existing driveway, approach or sidewalk also requires a permit. These permits may be obtained from the Engineering Division on the OpenGov Portal Engineering Division page.

PLANNING & ZONING REVIEW: When a new building or an addition to a building are proposed a Certificate of Zoning Compliance is required from the Planning Division.

Current Codes

2019 Residential Code of Ohio

Have questions? Please contact us.

Engineering & Building Permits FAQ

A Building Permit is a license that grants legal permission to start construction of a building project. Permits allow code officials to protect the public safety and welfare.

Residents who are interested in building or remodeling must obtain a permit before construction. This applies to any internal or external structural alteration or addition.

Before starting any project, please contact us to see if you need a permit. Below are some common projects that require permits. There are other projects not listed that also require permits.

Basement Finish, Garages, Room Additions, Deck, Gazebo, Satellite Dish, Driveways, Hot Tub, Screened Porches, Electrical Work, New Home Construction, Sidewalk Replacement, Fence, Patios, Siding, Fire Restoration, Patio Enclosures, Storage Shed, Fireplace, Plumbing, Storm Restoration, Furnace Replacement, Roofing, Swimming Pools

Access our new online portal for all applications.

All payments are handled through the online portal when you make an application.

Most projects take two weeks for plan and zoning review unless otherwise specified. Once approved, you will be contacted to pick-up your plans.

If you don’t get a zoning permit you can be cited for failing to comply with regulations and you can even be ordered to tear down the new structure you just built. But this can easily be avoided by getting a permit and working with the city’s planning and zoning commission.

Most permits are good for one year, but you should confirm with the planning and zoning department.

When your plans are approved and you receive your permit through the online portal you will receive a list of required inspections.

Every contractor in Hilliard must be registered with the Building Department. To check if your contractor is registered, contact Hilliard 311. The homeowner is responsible for ensuring that contractor(s) complete any necessary permits and file them with the city.

Homeowners may do the work themselves on their residence. This does not include rental properties. Permits and inspections are still required. Obtain permits here.

You can submit an online request with the Ohio Utilities Protection Service at Make sure to submit your request at least 48 hours (and no more than 10 days) before you start digging. The Ohio Utilities Protection Services is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Electrical permits are required for any new circuit or extension of an existing circuit including kitchen, bath, basement remodeling, swimming pools, hot tubs, ceiling fans and service updates.

Always obtain a permit so the work can be inspected.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, call Hilliard 311.

Yes, the city provides a list of registered contractors, listed by trade. Concrete work falls under General.

Yes, the city provides a list of registered contractors, listed by trade. Sewer contractors are so indicated.

Yes. You need a plumbing permit.

The maintenance and repair of sidewalks is the responsibility of the adjacent property owner. The City will make the repairs of sidewalks when damage is caused by the roots of City-owned trees in the public right-of-way or defects caused by utilities. The City will also make any repairs necessary to curb ramps.

Access to your residence includes the driveway, sidewalk within the driveway, driveway apron and driveway gutter. The property owner is responsible for maintenance and repairs of all parts of the driveway access.

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