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The City of Hilliard is dedicated to the protection of our streams and water resources, and we encourage our residents to support these efforts. The city is located within two watersheds: the Scioto River watershed and the Big Darby Creek watershed. We have been working to address drainage management, water quality management, and stormwater regulation compliance.

Take Action! How You Can Help!

We all have an important role in the protection of our streams and water quality. Residents can minimize their impacts by:

Pollutants of Concern

Total maximum daily loads (TMDLs) specify the amount a pollutant needs to be reduced to meet water quality standards, allocate pollutant load reductions, and provide the basis for taking actions needed to restore a water body: Items of concern identified by Ohio EPA under its TMDL program are:

  • excess nutrients from lawn care, yard waste, and animal and human waste;
  • sediment from erosion from construction and unstable stream banks;
  • bacteria from animal and human waste; and
  • phosphorus and E. coli, specifically in Big Darby Creek.

Resources and Contact Info

Have questions or concerns? Contact the City of Hilliard.

If you see someone putting anything down a storm drain or directly into a stream or river and you have a license plate number, home address, or other identifier, call “It’s a Crime” at (614) 871-5322 or visit It’ and select report illegal dumping.

Chemical and petroleum spills: Call the Ohio EPA 24-hour hotline (800) 282-9378.

Sewage related pollution: Call the Franklin County Public Health 24-hour hotline (614) 525-3965 or submit information online here.

Agricultural or manure-related pollution: Call Franklin Soil and Water Conservation District (614) 486-9613 from 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 a.m. weekdays or use the “Contact Us” tab at

Stormwater Management Program

City of Hilliard Stormwater Management Program

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