The City of Hilliard opened its first roundabout in 2006 at the intersection of Hayden Run Road and Britton Parkway.  A dozen years later, we have over a dozen roundabouts and more to come that are in the planning or design stages.

Why Roundabouts?

Safety is our highest priority, and roundabouts are a safer intersection solution than traffic signals or traditional unsignalized intersections. Because of the slower vehicle speeds, the chance of a fatal or serious injury crash at a roundabout is very small.  At two-way stop controlled or signalized intersections, speeds are much higher; the T-bone crashes that are common at these types of intersections can be devastating, sending many drivers to the hospital.

Throughout the 12+ year history of roundabouts in Hilliard, the Norwich Township Fire Department has never had to extricate a motorist from a car using the “Jaws of Life” at a crash at a roundabout. Safety translates to pedestrians at roundabouts too.  Vehicle speeds at the crosswalks are typically under 25 mph, and lower vehicle speeds are the #1 factor in pedestrian safety.

The Rules of Roundabouts

roundabout rules flyer

While single lane roundabouts are easy to navigate, we understand that multilane roundabouts may be confusing. There are two key rules to navigating multilane roundabouts:

Check the signs & choose the correct lane. Similar to a traditional intersection, check the signs and road markings to choose the correct lane before you enter a roundabout.  Typically, the right lane is for through movements and right turns, and the left lane is for through movements and left turns.  But each roundabout may be different, so check the signs.  Maintain your lane.  You should not switch to the outside lane to “exit” the roundabout.

Yield to both lanes. The traffic inside the roundabout has the right-of-way, so make sure you yield to both lanes before entering.  A roundabout entry is not the same as a freeway entry, so resist the urge to merge.

Remember at all roundabouts

Slow down

Yield to pedestrians

Look left & circulate counterclockwise

And follow the #roundaboutrules

If you would like to assist us in our roundabout education efforts, feel free to purchase a City of Hilliard roundabout shirt here.

Questions?  Contact Letty Schamp, P.E., Deputy City Engineer at