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Community Approves Electric Aggregation Ballot Initiative

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Hilliard voters have approved Issue 35, allowing the City to create a green-energy electric aggregation program. The ballot initiative passed with 61 percent of voters casting “yes” votes.

This means the City of Hilliard can choose to use the voter-granted authority to create an aggregation program that will use sustainably sourced electricity, such as solar and wind generation.

What’s next?

The City will develop a request for proposals to help with the process of negotiating a competitive market rate with energy providers. This will not necessarily happen immediately, particularly as energy markets have been fluctuating due to the economy.

“We’re pleased that residents have trusted us to begin the process of bringing green energy to Hilliard,” said Cynthia Vermillion, City of Hilliard Council Member and member of the “Greener Hilliard” citizens committee. “The next goal is to begin developing an RFP and determine a time to seek proposals from potential vendors who can provide sustainably sourced energy.”

Electric Aggregation Explained

A major benefit of this aggregation program is that all electricity will be required to come from sustainable sources, such as solar and wind generation.

If there is not enough sustainably sourced electricity geographically available to supply all participating Hilliard consumers, the program will buy renewable energy certificates for sustainable energy generated elsewhere in the country. Regardless of your choice, you will continue to receive the same level of service on the same power lines that you do today.

Green energy aligns with the City of Hilliard’s overall efforts to protect our environment, save natural resources, promote healthy lifestyles, and ensure future generations will enjoy calling this community a great place to live, learn, play, and work.

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