Cars waiting at an intersection

Flashing Beacon Crosswalk coming to Cemetery and Franklin Intersection

Posted April 12, 2021 in Planning & Zoning by Chase Evans

Construction is set to begin this week for a new crosswalk signal on the west side of the Cemetery Road/Franklin Street intersection.

The new rectangular rapid flashing beacon (RRFB) signals will provide a safer way for residents to reach housing, entertainment, and restaurants north of Cemetery Road with a better connection to Old Hilliard.

The City of Hilliard has installed these user-initiated devices at several locations to better help pedestrians cross the street and improve visibility for drivers.

An RRFB features a set of high-intensity yellow lights, mounted below a pedestrian warning sign. When people on foot approach the crosswalk, they press an accessible button that activates multiple sets of yellow flashing lights and quickly signals to drivers to yield to the crossing pedestrian.

Pictured is an example of an RRFB crosswalk outside Hilliard Davidson High School on Avery Road.

The project is set to be completed June 1. Traffic may be diverted at different times during construction.