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HPD, Norwich Township Fire Department Encourage Students To Take “Prom Promise” Pledge

Prom night should be fun and memorable for all the right reasons, not because someone’s behavior is irresponsible.

This year, Hilliard City Schools is joining the Hilliard Division of Police and Norwich Township Fire Department to ask students take the “Prom Promise” pledge to be responsible before, during, and after all prom activities.

For teens and their parents, many hours have been spent preparing for the annual event. But when alcohol and a lack of responsibility are combined with that special night, memories can turn tragic.

Parents, consider putting a “Prom Plan” in place.

1. Curfews should be made clear: They need to give you their complete itinerary for the evening, including whom they will be with, where they’ll be going after the prom, and the phone numbers where you can contact them.

2. Know their ride: If they’re not driving themselves, you must know who will be driving them. Regardless of how many times you have talked about the dangers of driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs, emphasize that these dangers are particularly high on prom night.

3. Stay active: A parent or other trusted adult should be near a phone on prom night in case the teen needs assistance. Establish several mandatory call-in times with your kids. If they’re going to another house after the prom, check ahead of time with these children’s parents. You also have a right and a responsibility to ask if these parents are going to allow drinking in their homes.

4. Extend The Offer: Give your children the unconditional option of calling you at any time for help or advice. That includes picking them up at any time of day or night, with a promise not to shame or humiliate them in front of others. Assure them that you always welcome being part of their making smart and safe decisions.

2021 Hilliard Prom Dates:
April 24: Hilliard Bradley
May 1: Hilliard Darby
May 8: Hilliard Davidson

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