Title card for State of the CIty

Watch the 2022 Hilliard State of the City: Strength in Teamwork

Posted April 11, 2022 in Community Center by Chase Evans

The City of Hilliard has “Strength in Teamwork” and we want to show you how in our 2022 State of the City video presentation.

Join City Manager Michelle Crandall on a fun and informative tour of Hilliard, as she introduces Howie Hilliard to City officials and local business owners.

Watch the attached video for the full presentation and to get an inside look on what’s to come in regards to roads, infrastructure, and our parks.

“The State of our City is indeed strong,” said City Manager Crandall. “We stand by our values and commitment to excellence in all we do. 2021 was an historic year for Hilliard and the future is bright. Thanks to our “Strength in Teamwork, the best is yet to come in 2022!”