Hilliard's Station Park

Hilliard's Station Park is located at the starting point of the seven-mile Heritage Trail in downtown Hilliard. Until the mid-20th century, this was the site of the city's original town center, where Main Street and the old railroad station came together. The station is long gone but the city wants the site to be a center of activity again. Part of a phased revitalization effort to bring business and activity to downtown Hilliard, Hilliard's Station Park is both a recreational hub for a nearby bike trail and a year-round event space for the community. The park contains an amphitheater, spray park, multi-functional building, a public restroom and storage/maintenance facility. Architectural features of the two buildings reflect the site’s past use as a train depot.  

The fountains are on everyday from 8 a.m.-10 p.m. (April-October)
Fountains turn off at 3 p.m. on Special Event Days. 
During events the fountain schedule may change. 

Hilliard's Station Park Rules and Guidelines

The Hilliard Chamber of Commerce is a proud supporter of Hilliard's Station Park.