Map of Scioto Darby and Cemetery roundabouts with new light signal

Traffic Light Change Will Improve Safety, Traffic Near Main/Scioto Darby Roundabout

Posted July 28, 2021 in Streets and Public Service by Chase Evans

Drivers and pedestrians near the intersection of Cemetery Road and Scioto Darby Road will see a change in traffic patterns starting Aug. 9 that will improve traffic flow in the roundabouts and improve pedestrian safety near the adjacent school.

On that date, the City will convert the traffic signal near Donato’s and The HUB Innovative Learning Center from a flashing red light to a stop-and-go operation.

Why are we turning on the signal?

  • To reduce vehicle queues, particularly westbound and northbound at the Main/Cemetery roundabout
  • To pull traffic away from the areas with the highest incidents of crashes
  • To provide a signalized pedestrian crossing in the school zone, increasing safety
  • To allow easier access to Hilliard Station Sixth Grade School to families coming from the south

City crews will adjust the timing of the signal during the first few weeks of operation to minimize back-ups of traffic from the signal into the Main/Cemetery roundabout and to coordinate it with the traffic signal at Bradford Drive in front of Hilliard Station Sixth Grade School.

This traffic pattern change is expected to improve traffic operations at two of our busiest intersections in the City and make it easier to get to the schools in the area at morning drop-off.

For all of our residents and visitors traveling to or from the Darby High School campus, Hilliard Municipal Park, and our neighborhoods to the west, please slow down, pay attention to this signal, and be ready stop.