Council Eases Limits on Raising Chickens, Bees

Posted October 14, 2022 in City Council by David Ball

More Hilliard residents now have the opportunity to experience the “birds and the bees.”

Chickens and honeybees, that is!

In September, Hilliard City Council approved legislation allowing residents to raise honeybees and up to six hens on properties that are at least one-half acre and that are zoned rural residential or in approved planned unit developments. (The City defines these as zonings as R-R, R-1, R-2 or PUD.)

Properties that are at least one acre can include roosters and ducks in that six-bird limit. Residents of planned unit developments should obtain approval from the home owners associations.

There are approximately 400 properties in Hilliard that potentially meet the acreage and zoning requirements.

Property owners in these approved areas may also allow professionally certified beekeepers to care for honeybee hives on their properties.

This kind of activity previously was limited to properties of three acres or more.

For more information, contact the City’s Planning and Code Enforcement departments.