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Residents Urged To Contact Legislators About Internet Bill

Ohio statehouse

Have you ever been unhappy with your home or business internet services?

Then you should know the Ohio Legislature is considering an amendment attached to the State of Ohio’s budget bill that would prevent Hilliard and other cities from being able to help provide improved and more reliable internet services in neighborhoods where it is not currently available.

This amendment was added at the last minute to the budget bill (Substitute H.B. 110), and the author is unknown.

The proposed amendment is based on the position by major providers that cities partnering with smaller providers will hurt their business. Hilliard and other cities believe that increasing the number of providers gives residents and businesses more choice and greater competition, resulting in better pricing and services.

If you want Hilliard and other cities to be able to work with multiple internet service providers to expand service choices, increase bandwidth, improve reliability, and offer reasonable costs, we encourage you to contact the following members of the Ohio House of Representatives and Ohio Senate.
Let them know you want your city government to be able to help provide better internet services and that you want the broadband amendment removed from Substitute H.B. 110 (the budget bill).

Conference Committee Members (currently considering the amendment) 

Governor’s Office

You can also contact the governor’s office. Our Governor has line-item veto powers. If the amendment remains in the bill, he can remove it if he thinks the amendment is not in the best interest of the State or its residents.

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