Trash and

Garbage Bins Need Replaced or Repaired?

Posted January 20, 2022 in Your Community by Anna Subler

Each residential address in the City of Hilliard is provided with two bins to use for waste disposal: a blue bin for recyclable material, and a green bin for trash. 

Additional Bins

Residents may request a larger recycling (blue) bin free of charge. An larger waste (green) bin can be purchased for $50.

Bin Repair and Replacement

The City of Hilliard repairs broken trash and recycling containers damaged by ordinary wear and usage.

If your residential bin is cracked, has a broken wheel, or just isn’t functioning properly, please place an online Hilliard 311 service request. The City’s operations division will examine the bin on the following Wednesday or Thursday to determine whether the bin needs fixed or replaced.

Note: The City of Hilliard will not replace trash or recycling bins due to smell or filth. Residents are asked to clean their bins regularly.