An aerial view of Clover Groff Run on the west side of Hilliard, Ohio.

Helpful tips for Storm Water Awareness Week

Posted October 2, 2023 in Development by Chase Evans

Clean streams start with you!

The City of Hilliard is once again partnering with the Franklin Soil and Water Conservation District for Stormwater Awareness Week, Oct. 1-7. This statewide effort encourages communities to do their part in keeping waterways clean by educating residents about storm water’s significant impacts on our environment.

Remember, reducing pollution is everyone’s job. You can help keep water clean by:

  • Planting native plants and trees
  • Properly disposing of chemicals and hazardous waste
  • Keeping storm drains clear of debris like leaves and litter
  • Always picking up and throwing away pet waste
  • Volunteering at or organizing a stream cleanup event
Stormwater Awareness Week Helpful Tips

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