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Hilliard Launches Robotic Mower Pilot Program for Sustainable Park Maintenance

The City of Hilliard has taken a significant step toward a greener, more efficient future as it introduced a robotic mower as a pilot program at Clyde “Butch” Seidle Community Pool this week.

With sustainability and efficiency in mind, Hilliard’s new robotic mower could revolutionize the way the park is maintained. Powered by clean energy sources, the mower is designed to maintain the park’s greenery while minimizing environmental impact.

The Autmow robotic mower is controlled by a GPS satellite that enables it to navigate the park with precision while avoiding obstacles and ensuring safety.

“Introducing a robotic mower to Hilliard has many benefits,” said City of Hilliard Recreation and Parks Director Ed Merritt. “Not only does the mower use less gas and oil than a conventional mower, it also eliminates noise pollution, making it less disruptive to neighbors.”

If the pilot program proves successful, it may pave the way for the broad adoption of robotic mowers in other City parks.

According to Merritt, the mower comes with some technology limitations and costs, so it will be important for Recreation and Parks employees to consider those limitations when making a decision.

“This could set the standard for sustainable and efficient public maintenance practices in Hilliard,” said Merritt. “We want to see if this new technology can benefit our parks and facilities, and Clyde “Butch” Seidle Community Pool is the perfect location to try it out this fall.”

City employees will make a decision this winter whether to continue the program and purchase the Autmow unit. If so, robotic mowing could expand to other parks in 2024.

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