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Officer Helps Children Caught in the Rain

Officer being honored

A Hilliard police officer who helped two children walking to school in the rain after they missed the bus was recognized by his supervisor this week for going above and beyond the call of duty.

Last Thursday, Nov. 1 at about 10 a.m. two elementary school-aged children were spotted walking in the area of Davidson Road. At the time, it was raining and only 46 degrees!

Officer Tom Morris arrived at the scene and discovered the children, 2nd and 5th graders, were soaked from the rain. The kids had missed the school bus and were attempting to walk the 1.9 miles from their residence on Queen Elizabeth to Britton Elementary School.

Officer Morris made the decision to take the children back home so they could change into dry clothing, and then he drove them to school.

“The professionalism, compassion and care that Officer Morris displayed deserves to be noted,” said his supervisor, Sergeant John Higgins. “He undoubtedly made a positive impact on these individuals. His actions not only aided these juveniles in getting to school, but facilitated them to attend school in dry clothing, ensuring they could fully concentrate on their education.

Higgins has recommended Officer Morris be awarded a Letter of Recognition for his care and compassion expressed for the school kids that he assisted.

Congratulations, Officer Morris!

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