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The “Road to Recreation” Begins Now

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It’s official: Hilliard is cruising on the “Road to Recreation” in 2022. The new year will be full of public feedback, planning, and construction that will lead to a new community center, among other things, in Hilliard.

Those who work in the City of Hilliard will see an income tax rate increase starting Jan. 1.

The 0.5% increase, called Issue 22 on the ballot, was approved by Hilliard voters on Nov. 2 to fund a new community center and other recreation and parks amenities.

So, what exactly does an additional 0.5% mean for the Hilliard community? The Road to Recreation officially begins Jan. 1, 2022.

Who is impacted?

People who work in the City of Hilliard corporate boundaries will pay the 0.5% tax increase.

What does an additional half percent mean?

The additional revenue, which will generate around $7.5 million annually, will be dedicated entirely for recreation and parks capital, programming, and operation expenses.

Highlights include:

  • A new community center with an indoor aquatic facility and gymnasium
  • Trail acquisition development and maintenance
  • Athletic field and facility design, construction, maintenance, and operations
  • Parkland acquisition, development, and maintenance
  • Older adult programming, services, and facilities
  • Capital projects (new, replacement, and improvements, including roads and utilities associated with Recreation and Parks infrastructure development and maintenance)
  • Art, culture and history facility and site acquisition, development, maintenance and operations
  • Recreation, parks, health and wellness programing and services
  • Special events programming and services
  • Recreation and parks facility upgrade and maintenance
  • Payment of principal and interest on debt issued by the City for the expenses listed above

Where will the community center be located?

The community center will be built on the 125-acre Jerman property, located at Scioto Darby and Cosgray roads. The property is located just west of Roger A. Reynolds Municipal Park.

What’s the timeline?


  • Public feedback process
  • Development of a detailed concept plan
  • Hire construction manager
  • Design of Community Center
  • Start of Cosgray Road Extension


  • Community Center building construction begins in the first quarter (18-month timeline)


  • Community Center set to open in the first quarter

The Road to Recreation has been a longtime coming for the City of Hilliard. More details about the public feedback process and particular amenities will be announced soon.

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