From left, Officer Marqel Watkins, Officer Luke White, Officer Jack Steiner and Chief Robert Fisher

Three Hilliard officers graduate police academy

Posted July 7, 2020 in Police by Andrea Litchfield

Three new police officers with the Hilliard Division of Police have graduated from the Columbus Police Training Academy.

Officer Luke White, Officer Marqel Watkins and Officer Jack Steiner are among the members of the 133rd graduating class of the academy who took the oath to protect and serve on July 2. A total of 68 officers graduated from the class, which includes representatives from 10 different police agencies.

“These three individuals have worked hard to have the opportunity to call themselves a Hilliard police officer,” said Chief of Police Robert Fisher. “We congratulate them on their graduation of the academy and look forward to introducing them to the Hilliard community as their training continues.”

The academy includes 29 weeks of instruction on a diverse curriculum of subjects, with an emphasis on scenario-based training. In total, the academy provides more than double the amount of training required by the state. Recruits receive instruction on de-escalation, use of force, patrol operations and applied behavioral science, among other topics.

The 133rd class received the fifth highest class average in academy history.

Next, the new officers will complete a 15-week field training program with a certified training officer.

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