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Council Identifies Location For Community Center

Hilliard’s next Community Center will be built on City-owned fields just west of Municipal Park if voters approve Issue 22 this Nov. 2. 

On Sept. 13, Hilliard City Council unanimously voted to approve the 125-acre Jerman property as the future home for the proposed Community Center with an integrated wellness center.  

The Jerman property – along with the current parkland where the HOSA soccer fields are located – would comprise a 154-acre park that would also include new athletic fields, a potential new fire station, greenspace, and an extension of Cosgray Road to Alton Darby Road to alleviate traffic issues in the area. 

The City purchased the Jerman Property in October 2020 with plans turn it into future parkland. Because the property is adjacent to Municipal Park to the east, it allows for natural connectivity for trails and existing roads. 

“Of the possible sites we considered, the Jerman Property made the most sense for the Community Center,” said City Manager Michelle Crandall. “It is adjacent to Municipal Park, it is centrally located to the City, and developing this property allows us to achieve other goals, such as alleviating area traffic issues and developing this land in an environmentally appropriate manner.” 

Council approved the property after viewing a concept plan for the park. Concept plans must go through a rigorous process before actual development becomes a reality, and there will be plenty of opportunities for public input into this process. 

Before any of that happens, voters will be asked to vote on Issue 22, which would allow the City to collect an additional 0.5% municipal income tax from individuals who work in the City of Hilliard corporate boundaries (regardless of whether they live here). 

The current income tax is 2.0%. If approved, the tax will become 2.5% and will go into effect Jan. 1, 2022. In addition to a Community Center, funds would be used for new parks, trails, athletic fields, programs for older adults, and a host of other amenities. 

All additional revenue from Issue would be dedicated for recreation and parks. Social security and pension income are not taxed as earned income, so will not be affected by the proposed change. 

For complete information about Issue 22, visit Path to Possibilities.

Rendering of the Community Center on the Jerman Property

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