New Car Design, Same HPD

Posted January 12, 2023 in Police by Andrea Litchfield

Hilliard police cars are getting an updated look.

The City of Hilliard Division of Police is introducing four new cruisers with an updated design this week.

The design incorporates the Division’s police badge and the City’s distinctive “Hilliard blue” color on an all-black vehicle.

The previous black and white design required the doors be painted white. Removing that requirement saves valuable time and money, said Chief of Police Michael Woods.

“Although this design will look different to our residents, we want them to know it’s the same Hilliard police providing the same public safety services,” Chief Woods said. “We’re excited for this new design.”
Woods expects it will be a few years before every cruiser is replaced in the rotation, meaning that residents can expect to see two different cruiser designs for a period.

The redesign is the Division’s first since 2012.