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New Mural Celebrates Performing Arts

Mural in progres at Hilliard Civic & Cultural Arts Center

A new mural dedicated to performing arts is going up on the Hilliard Civic and Cultural Arts Center (HCCAC), near the Heritage Rail Trailhead in Old Hilliard

Hilliard Public Arts Commission (HPAC) selected Columbus-based artist Jeremy Jarvis of Jarvis Art Studio to create an original mural on the south wall of the HCCAC, located at 5425 Center Street. Jarvis submitted a sketch proposal to the commission that was an instant hit.

“Our vision was a mural that celebrates and promotes the value of public art for residents and visitors,” said Kelley Daniel, Hilliard Public Art Commission member. “We loved Jeremy’s proposal.”

When finished in late November, the mural will include a painting of three individuals on a stage with hands of audience members clapping around an ornate boarder that will wrap around the perimeter of the building. Jarvis said gratitude stood out to him as a theme for the mural.

“The individuals are expressing their gratitude towards the audience for appreciating their art,” he said. “As artists and musicians, we understand that we can’t do what we do without a community behind us.”

Jarvis’ painting features a man with his hands over his heart, a woman signing “thank you,” and a young girl hold a bouquet of flowers. The people are surrounded by seven pairs of hands clapping.

Jarvis also worked with the Public Art Commission to incorporate items that speak towards Hilliard’s history in agriculture, such as sunflowers and field corn.

The mural is part of a collaboration effort between the City and HPAC to display more art in public places. Learn more about HPAC and find upcoming performances on their website

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