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Who is your current electricity service provider?

Who is my current energy Web

In September, more than 8,900 Hilliard households became part of the City of Hilliard’s green electric aggregation program. Their new rates are reflected on their October electric bills. Based on the current rates from AEP, those residents are saving almost 4 cents per kilowatt hour – about 36% – for the electricity they use. (For a household that uses 1,000 kWh per month, that would be a savings of $39.20.)

Some residents chose to opt out of the program or were already in contracts with other service providers. Other residents may not be sure which provider they have. The electric bills still come from AEP, so how do you know?

Just check your bill on the page that says “Meter Read Details” at the top. About halfway down on the left side, if it says “Dynegy,” you are participating in the City’s aggregation program. If another company is listed there, that’s your current provider.

It’s still possible to switch to the program at any time, but if you have a contract with any company other than AEP you should check to ensure there is not a cost to separate from that your existing agreement.

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