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Hilliard Opens Cooling Station in Response to Extreme Heat and AEP Outage

Posted June 14, 2022 in Community Alert by Anna Subler

The City of Hilliard will be opening a cooling station at its Senior Center, 3810 Veterans Memorial Dr., to help residents cool down during record-high temperatures and an ongoing American Electric Power (AEP) power outage.

The Senior Center will double as a cooling station starting at 7 a.m. on June 15. Residents and their pets impacted by the heat or power outage are welcome to enter on the Senior Center side of the facility.

According to AEP Spokesperson Scott Blake, the heavy storm and winds over the past several days and extreme heat caused lines to became stressed and needed to be turned offline to prevent further extensive power line damage. When lines are damaged, they become sectionalized and other lines become stressed when the power load does not transfer as easily. 

AEP has not provided a timeline for restoration of power to Hilliard residents.

Hilliard Recreation and Parks will continue to provide regular activities at the community center during this time. The cooling station will be offered until power is restored or temperatures decline. Visit for updates or call Hilliard Senior Center at (614) 876-0747.